Zhuqing Liang | Farmington

Lisa is super nice, professional, efficient and enthusiastic agent. I super recommend Lisa to everyone who wants to buy a house/condo. I had met several agents before, including a Chinese, I am a Chinese, but it turned out that I know much more than him and he is less responsive and it seems like he was forced to be my agent, really not professional, no defense, and I went to some real famous real estate company, they are rude, and didn’t reply to me when I said I want to buy a condo, maybe the commission is too low for them? I don’t know. Fortunately, I met Lisa, with all the remote conversation via email, I didn’t Lisa in person until the closing day. Thank you, Lisa, for your trust and work. Lisa is more than a real estate agent, she is my friend too, I am very busy and Lisa help me do a lot of things I should do, I really appreciate that. I will definitely go to Lisa when I need to sell, buy or rent the condo.

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