Tracey O’Neal, Macomb MI

Miranda Morrow was professional and direct with the service she could provide the first time I spoke with her on the phone. I had just agreed to work with someone else prior to Mrs. Miranda Morrow returning my call. After speaking with her, I knew she would be the one to work with. Anytime I called for a house showing she was on it immediately. During the time I was purchasing my house the sellers market was very good. The houses were going quickly so there was no time to waste. Miranda Morrow convinced the sellers for my home to take a chance on Me purchasing my home on Sonny Dr. Had it not been for her people skills I probably would not be in this house that I now call home today. I love my home. With my work schedule Miranda somehow make it possible to see all the houses I wanted to see. Miranda Morrow was also available after work hours. I often searched on line and when I saw houses on line I would text her to put in an offer. She was great I could not ask for anyone better. I highly recommend Miranda Morrow.

Miranda negotiating with the sellers and convince them to take a chance with me purchasing their former house. She took the time to explain anything I did not understand with the contract.

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