Terri C. | Pontiac

I would like to share my experience with Helen Frizzo.I had a renter in my house in Pontiac. I called Helen and she accompanied me to the house.  To our horror the  house door was open and the house was unoccupied. The neighbors said the renter had moved out a month before.. The house and property were very dirty and there was some damage. Thankfully, the fixtures and appliances were still there.

Helen went into high gear; we changed the locks and she said we had to get the house in tip top shape before putting it on the market. She provided me with a list  of people that she had worked with before, I.e., painters, cleaning people, repair people and more. Soon the house was ready to show.

Helen was tenacious in showing the house. I had to go out of town for a short while and she handled everything for me. Finally the house sold. I was able to provide small perks to the buyers and still make a healthy profit on the house. Helen spearheaded everything from start to finish. To say it was a pleasure working with Helen does not do justice to the experience. She is professional, well informed, courteous and charismatic.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Helen to anyone  wanting to buy or sell their home. My heartfelt thanks to Helen Frizzo

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