Prantera Darrell | Livonia

We were so thankful to have Beth as our real estate agent. Buying your first home is a huge responsibility and we weren’t sure if we were ready to do so in today’s aggressive sellers’ market. However, during our first phone call with Beth, that feeling of uncertainty started to go away. She is extremely knowledgeable and spent a lot of time educating us about the entire home buying process. Every time we spoke with Beth, we felt as if we were talking to a long-time friend. Her timeliness and availability for scheduling viewings and answering questions was unbelievably fast. I called Beth on a Friday, and she immediately scheduled 3 viewings for that evening. She provided us with a booklet of detailed information for every home we saw and she was very attentive and informative throughout the home tours. We saw 7 homes over the next 2 days, and by Sunday we had found our dream home and were ready to put an offer in. She knew that there would be A LOT of offers on this home, so she was prepared with all the paperwork to presented our offer the same day we saw the home. We truly believe that if we didn’t have the experience and inside information that Beth provided, we wouldn’t be in our dream home right now. Thank you so much Beth!

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