Jonathan Abdo

Melissa is simply amazing. She has the incredible talent of listening to and truly understanding you, allowing her to be on the same page as you are. She quickly knew what we’d like and what we wouldn’t, helping us look at fewer houses while finding any potential dream homes. This also helped greatly in making an offer as well as negotiations. She was very logical and knew when to push for more and when to take a win. After helping us get our dream home, we immediately asked her to sell our current home and again we were on the same page with everything. She knew our priorities and delivered on all of them. In both buying and selling Melissa has exceptional knowledge of the market, home maintenance/issues, and person-to-person relations. She has an amazing work ethic, helping us craft offers late into the night and helping to ease any concerns by answering questions. She also researched anything she didn’t know even if it was outside her scope to get us the information we needed to be comfortable. On top of all that she sees you as a person and not just a customer. She congratulated us on our wedding, asked about our dogs and was always happy to talk to us. All this despite informing her we had 5 years to find our dream home and were in no rush. If you need to buy or sell a home, call Melissa! I’ve already recommended her to several of my friends and family!

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