Jim and Paula Boren

Mike is, and has proven that he is top notch. From the moment we met him, he made us feel like old friends/family which made our experience of going to house after house enjoyable. His honesty and insanely vast knowledge of homes in general proved to us right away that his priority was us finding the right home. He really took care of us and literally did all the hard work to make sure our buying process was a breeze. Something that I really appreciated was when I told him how important it was to move before the school year started, it was “I understand, I’ll get that done”. No hem hawing, no questions, no “I’ll see what I can do.” Even if he wasn’t able to follow through (but of course he did) that made me feel important and secure that again, we were top priority and that he wanted us to be happy. He is a true professional who made sure that we understood every step and was very involved to make sure we felt safe and secure. His work ethic alone puts him WAY ahead of anyone else. Mike is truly the real deal and the love that he has for his career shows 100%. We are so very grateful for him!

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