James Miller, Clarkston

We found Jill Gourand through my workplace. She had assisted several coworkers with their first homes, and they spoke very highly of her. We have had several agents previously who had seemed to regard us as a low priority due to our price range, so her willingness to work with “smaller fish” was a definite appeal.

Throughout the entire process Jill was a great source of information. We were able to freely ask questions at each home we looked at. (How much it would cost to fix this?, etc.) Once we did decide on a home, we all sat down for a couple hours while Jill showed us comparable properties to figure out a fair asking price. We were fully prepared to offer the full asking price, but she helped us bring that number down quite a bit based on her knowledge of the area and the home.Throughout the financial waiting period she kept in constant contact, and made calls on our behalf to keep the process moving. We are not good at waiting, but she was very good at dealing with our paranoia.

Our family has been looking for our new home for over ten years, and we are so grateful to Jill and her team for finally making it happen for us. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know who is even thinking of buying a house. She was professional, passionate, and completely supportive throughout the entire process. We were very lucky to find her.

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