Franita Johnson | Seller

I cannot express the gratitude that I have for Mrs. Morrow. When
I tell you that she made sure to go over every detail with my
husband and I regarding the sale of our home. She walked
through and provided us with a detailed list of things that we
needed to either update, repair, and replace in order to get the
amount in which we were seeking. I felt that she was very
personable, kind, considerate, and thoughtful. Mrs. Morrow went
above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions. She
collaborated with others and provided us with ways to save
money on her suggested repairs. At times we had to utilize her
licensed contractors to fix or replace things in our home prior to
the inspection. I would and have referred Mrs. Morrow to
friend’s, family, and my colleagues. I look forward to working
with her in the future because she is knowledgeable on so many
levels with impeccable professionalism at all times. We held our
open house on a Saturday and by Monday we selected a buyer
from the 5 prospective offers that we had that day. When I say
that she had us busy I mean we were BUSY…lol Her favorite
word was DECLUTTER! It was all from a good place and
I believe that Mrs. Morrow was the best choice for my particular
needs at that time. Mrs. Morrow was extremely knowledgeable,
prompt, and very attentive to the needs of my family. She has
always exhibited great customer satisfaction and service. I did
not feel like she was all about her commission in fact, she was
caring, competent, highly aggressive, and she has definitely
mastered the art of negotiating and closing the deal.
I have never met a more proficient, professional, and practical
realtor in my life. It is my opinion that Mrs. Morrow is definitely
an expert in the field of real estate and several other areas. Her
ability to collaborate, problem solve, network, and provide
excellent service to her clients supersedes the average
expectation of any seller/buyer. I will recommend her over any
other realtor that I know.

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