Carrie, Lake Orion

Dale was very helpful in guiding us through the process of selling our house. He loved our home which made us happy that he was selling it for us. That was very important to us. He also listened to our needs, really listened. My husband and I both appreciated that. His work was exemplary.

My only other comments would be negative with the first realtor that brought someone into my home to show the property to a buyer who did make an offer. I didn’t appreciate her aggressiveness. I didn’t appreciate the inspector in my home, I did not appreciate the appraiser. My husband and I did everything that we could to help that sale go forward, met all of their demands-and that is what I would call them demands and they walked away from the deal. That is their right, however, I felt that the treatment of the real estate company and the treatment of the appraiser and the treatment from the inspector was sub par and I didn’t like that we had no recourse from their attitudes and unprofessionalism. They cost us that first buyer and in the end they cost us money. Not appreciated.

Dale kept us grounded and we relied on his professionalism to get us through the negative experience. Another reason why Dale gets excellent marks and if you had a category higher than excellent I would choose those marks.

Dale and Tracy put our house up for sale and it sold within 24 hours with the first buyer. Then when they backed away and we showed the house it sold again within 24 hours.

I can’t say enough about the professionalism of Dale. Not only all of the attributes above but he went out of his way to show me condos that I said were “exactly” what I wanted and I ended up not buying them for one reason or the other. He remained patient and kind throughout the search. I really appreciated that!!! I lost patience but he never did 🙂 He was always thoughtful and helpful with his advice and knowledge of the area. Dale knew the area that I liked the most and when a condo opened up he went out of his way to help make that sale go through. I wasn’t even sure but after the purchase and our move into the condo I have found that it is the PERFECT condo for my husband and I. He made that happen. I am thankful for that.

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