Buyer | Waterford

I was a first-time home buyer with no knowledge of the process and terminology involved in purchasing a home. Linda’s expertise allowed me to quickly understand the home buying process, and her experience gave me a complete peace of mind. She took the time to understand my needs and wants in a home, and was available promptly to provide showings on the very day I would request. I found communicating with her to be very easy, and she is very quick to reply – a very important trait to have in a real estate professional!

It wasn’t long into the home search that we found what I was looking for, both in the price range and location I was comfortable with. I made my offer, and Linda’s negotiating skills helped steer it towards the seller accepting my offer! Of course, after acceptance, there is so much that still needs to be done (home inspection, appraisal, final walk through, etc.). Linda was there at every step, making sure each task was completed correctly, and that I was comfortable with the results.

I am very satisfied with the results of my home search, and am looking forward to working with Linda again when it is time for me to upgrade.

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