Buyer | Waterford

Keri was a wonderful realtor to work with allowing my wife and I the opportunity to get the house of our dreams. After back and fourth with the other realtor and home owner not wanting to come down in price we walked away from the house. After we were about to put a purchase offer in on another house, Keri went back to the previous realtor to say we were making a purchase on another home. We then found out that there was another offer in on the same house we initially looked at. Once Keri found out that they were going to come down in price for them it was game on!!! She handled the sale of our house in such a professional manner that I would recommend Keri to anyone that is trying to sell or buy a home!! She was very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. In 30 years when we are ready to sell we will be contacting her to sell our home.

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