Berry and Ariel | West Bloomfield

Dear Ms. Brand,
I received your message indicating that our offer on the Twin Beach Country Club, West Bloomfield, Michigan, home has been accepted. This is a good opportunity to write and say “Thank You!” for helping Ariel Moses and I buy our new home. We could not be happier with how you have helped us.
As a first-time solo home buyer, there were many steps to take and decisions to make that were new to me. You took the time to not only answer my questions but to do so clearly and with insight. That help showed me how knowledgeable you are about real estate and how committed you are to your clients having a good experience.
Moreover, as the buying process moved along, you anticipated problems and suggested strategies for dealing with any issues that might arise. Because you are a clear headed thinker, your advice always seemed to me to be spot on and for that reason I always acted on your counsel.
Finally, because it shows so clearly that you are sensitive to and have respect for your client’s needs, I feel finding you was like winning a prize. Each time I called or e-mailed about the house there was a prompt reply and I never felt left alone in the process. Your energy, intelligence, and passion for a “job well done” made working with you a true joy.
Thank you so much for all your kind help!
Barry M. Bergin

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