Anthony Umble

I’ve had a few different realtors in the past. They were okay, but I never felt like any of them really cared more about me as a client than the money they were getting. That all changed when I met Ronald Bankston from National Realty Centers.

He was the realtor that helped my older brother find his dream home. So when I told my brother I was looking for a realtor, and was worried that I wouldn’t find someone who could help me, he told me I had to work with Ron. He told me about great Ron was. Not only as a realtor, but as a person, and it really took so much stress off of me. I am just so happy I listened.

He was there for me in every step of the process. He was patient and kind. It really felt like he wanted to make sure that I knew everything about the processes. I could never ask too many questions and amazingly enough he had every answer. I knew that I could trust him with everything which is incredible as selling a home is one of the most stressful things in life. His expert knowledge help and recommendations made the whole process of a breeze.

With his help I got more money than I thought I was going to get. After only two days on the market with two small open houses we already had 11 offers over asking price. I couldn’t believe how amazing of a job he did, and I am glad everyday that I was lucky enough to work with him. I seriously cannot recommend him enough.

Now that my house is sold it’s time that I start looking for a new place. I can’t imagine going through process with anybody else. I know that he is going to be the only one I work with from now on. I hope anyone who reads this seriously considers working with him as I am sure he will be an incredible help for you. I know I’m looking forward to continue with him on this journey. You can’t go wrong with Ron.

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