Andrea Pudell | Rochester Hills

Keri will relieve all of your stress from you as she takes you effortlessly through the successful sale of your home by pricing it correctly for market conditions, listing it with the best information, posting highly professional pictures, corresponding with you by email, phone, text, or all methods available according to your wishes. That only covers the home sales end of her professional services. Keri is also the most helpful and courteous agent who will make your new home search just as easy for you. She has a legal background that gives her expertise in both the laws and the ability to zero in on the most important issues for each of her clients. She sails through all the prolific information that would take a normal individual months to assimilate and reasons out the best path for her clients. She is equally as qualified to manage both the sale of your home and the search for a new one. Without Keri I would have been frazzled. I would and have recommended her to any and all of my friends without hesitation.

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