Amanda Callahan | Livonia

Leaving a “regular” brokerage, where I kept an office at the office was a concern when I thought of changing eleven years ago. But, I am really glad I went to National Realty Centers. I am not out of touch. We have a private FaceBook page where we can communicate. Craig has weekly, live lunch & learns at noon that keep us up to date and offers educational opportunities. Craig provides us with numerous ways of working and bookkeeping remotely. We are stream lined and technologically up to date, because he takes the time to research and get great programs for us. There are optional programs that we pay a minimal fee for because he negotiates with the company. Craig hires the best administrative people and our three gorgeous offices are always available to us. If we want to work away from home, we can. We just don’t keep a personal office at the office. That keeps our cost of doing business much lower than any traditional brokerage. The support at National Realty Centers is the best. Best real estate decision I have ever made.

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