Adam G. | Farmington Hills

Linda Brand won’t disappoint.

Summer 2014 my wife and I were looking to find our first home. After doing some research it became apparent that we should have a buyers realtor to represent our interests. But how to choose? Websites offering up individuals have nothing but praise in every review of everyone!

The answer? A proven track record! Linda was referred to us by another realtor. Linda’s been in the business more that 10 years. Linda worked with us as we looked at perhaps 30 houses. The market was crazy hot that summer. Decisions needed to be made in just a few hours! We put in 4 losing bids within 24 hours of the showings all above asking and still lost out. Nevertheless, Linda was always willing to put in the time necessary to get the paperwork right fast, flexing her schedule as necessary, and open to using relatively new technology like calendar sharing.

5th bid was a charm. Linda’s recommended housing inspector was a perfect choice for us. And her Recommended loan officer beat our initial choice on cost.

With the help of inspection results, Linda was able to bring costs down by a significant amount and acquire an appliance warranty. I mention the warranty because after the sale there is a lag time between closing and receiving the information for the warranty.

Sure enough the hot water heater crapped out days into ownership and Linda was able to provide the contact information of the warranty company fast. The water heater was fixed far before the official warranty company welcome documents arrived in the mail.

Now that four months have past since the sale, I still couldn’t have asked for more from Linda.

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