​Whether it’s navigating the complex web of insurance options to find a plan that’s best for you and your family, or helping you find the right home in the right community with the right schools, Vincent excels at understanding your needs on a deep level, so he can be your trusted partner in choosing what’s best for you.

Making these life-changing decisions can be hard, so it’s essential to have someone who not only understands the market, the data, and the ever-evolving landscapes, but pairs that knowledge with your short-term goals, your budget, and your long-term vision.

Vincent is a seasoned manager and veteran leader with nearly 20 years of experience in management, goal-setting, and meeting, and increased responsibility for several nation-leading insurance and real estate organizations. He speaks conversational Spanish and American Sign Language and likes spending his days at football games or dance competitions with his four children. When he can scrounge some spare time, you’ll find him fixing up old houses.


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