“Integrity and relationship building are why my clients personally trust the expertise I provide, how I provide it and the benefits they receive in selling and finding a HOME”


After graduating with a criminal justice degree from Western Carolina University, Ken launched his career as an Oakland County Deputy Sheriff serving the public for over 14 years with honesty and integrity. An interest in helping others expanded his career into real estate and eventually led to a partnership with National Realty Centers where he has thrived in residential and commercial real estate.

His law enforcement training has provided the ability create relationships with a diverse population of people, evaluate goals, negotiate, handle conflict, and make solid decisions for his clients.

Ken moved to Michigan over 30 years ago from White Oak, Texas; population 6500, 120 miles East of Dallas. He still maintains the characteristics of growing up in a small town and carries these values in his personal and professional life; everybody knows everybody, say hello and give a helping hand to your neighbor, wave to people when you walk by and most of all community and its members are important in life especially when raising a family.

The combination of Ken’s education, skills and personal characteristics are a win-win in real estate leading to successful outcomes in the residential and commercial goals of his clients.


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