Kaylee McFarland


Hello there! My name is Kaylee, and I started my career in sales selling Liquor products two years ago. However, I’ve always wanted to base my career around my passion for helping people and making their lives easier. My stepmom (being an agent herself), suggested real estate and well, here I am! I strive to ensure every person gets the expert care they need to succeed in their goals, no matter what moves they need to make or where they are in life.

  • When not working,

     I love spending time with my two kitties or my family.

  • If I wasn't a Realtor

     I would have become a dermatologist, skin fascinates me!

  • One day

     I will have everything set up to run a little farm for my family!

  • Favorite Quote:

     If you are afraid to fail, then you will do nothing at all!!

How Can I Help?