Josh Snorden


It was only a matter of time before Josh put his excellent customer service skills to use in the real estate industry. He prides himself in being helpful and meeting customer needs. Josh is known for his trustworthiness, loyalty, and upbeat personality. As a real estate agent he will use these qualities to benefit his clients. 

Josh is a Michigan native with extensive knowledge of the Metro Detroit area. He has always been interested in his family members’ real estate investments and happily combines that knowledge with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others.

While working his way into the real estate field, Josh was the youngest employee in a local detailing company. His ability to learn quickly, his positive attitude, and his keen attention to detail helped him climb the ladder to achieve a senior position. As a young real estate agent on the Lang Estates|National Realty Centers team, Josh has many excellent resources at his fingertips and is gaining an abundance of knowledge.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, call Josh for attentive and personalized service!

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