For over twenty-five years now in sales, Anthony Edmonson has developed a keen ability to recognize the various problems buyers and sellers are faced with. However, he prefers brilliant solutions to them on how to work towards achieving a healthy business transaction. Moreover, he has fifteen years of exceptional experience as a realtor, helping clients soar through their fears and hurdles in real estate deals.

Anthony currently works with National Realty Centers – a Real Estate Solutions Company dedicated to purchasing, maintaining, and selling multiple investment properties. As someone who likes projecting the best in everything he does, he won the Top in Sales for the quarter in real estate sales in 2004 and has received several community awards from nonprofit organizations. Also, he enjoys volunteering for various community and church service, which geared his meetings with the mayor of Detroit and Governor of Michigan.

Besides, Anthony is a result-driven seller that gives attention-to-detail in providing you with unique properties that best suit your lifestyle. He is easy to get along with and makes clients’ satisfaction his major priority. Whenever he’s off professional duties, the proud single-dad of one loves to travel, concerts, and cook.


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